The Number 1 Hatfield Community Resource Centre

Welcome to the Hatfield Community Resource Centre (“Number 1 Hatfield”)

Why we are here?

The purpose of Number 1 Hatfield is to involve the people of our town in projects and activities which bring about permanent changes for the better, in the quality of life for all people living and working in our community.

What we do?

We provide a friendly, supportive environment where individuals and groups from the local community get involved in activities that are of interest or value to them.  For example:
  • We run a low cost internet café for people who do not have their own internet access.  We provide computer training – no jargon, no fuss, no “techy talk”.
  • We have a Job Club where we assist people with CV writing, and support in their job hunting activities.
  • And we have parent/toddler facilities and a meeting room for all sorts of group sessions.
How we operate?

The Hatfield Community Resource Centre is led by the local community and our volunteers are direct representatives of the community. We are committed to being fully accountable to the community at large and to conducting its affairs in an open and transparent way.

Number 1 Internet Café