Using  the internet is a “given” for many of us today- computers, broadband and mobiles for browsing, job hunting and general engagement with society are woven deep into our daily lives.  But, without these tools, it is easy for individuals and families to become marginalised and even left behind by mainstream society.

    Economic inclusion and worklessness is a key challenge for the Hatfield Community Resource Centre (“Number 1 Hatfield”).  Our primary objective is to help people to get ready and fit for work by enhancing their skills, and boosting their confidence and self-esteem.  By helping parents to gain skills that will help them to progress and enter into work, they can ensure that their children will not grow up in poverty.

    The Hatfield Resource Centre provides;
    • Computers for all in an internet café format.
    • Supported, straightforward training.
    • Job Club with 1:1 support.
    • Parent and toddler facilities.
    • Meeting room.