The Hatfield Community Resource Centre is run by volunteers who give regular amounts of their time to support the many initiatives that are hosted within the Centre.  We would love to hear from you if you'd like to get involved in our activities.

    It would be quite wrong to think that we are only seeking people who have many skills and are very self-assured. Quite often, it's people who have suffered problems themselves who go on to make some the best volunteers. Therefore, people who have had challenging life issues and experiences are encouraged to apply as they can help from experience.

    Just as with any job, you're not expected to hit the ground running and you'll receive help and support as you carry out your duties.

    Volunteers come from all walks of life and different backgrounds and providing you are prepared to show commitment and are willing to learn, you should never feel that your contribution would not be welcomed as the opposite is often the case.

    If you think you'd be interested, please contact Mrs Margaret White (01707 270590) for an informal discussion.